dusk . mia friedman

my bed is empty
my body knows
blueness of dusk gently grows

no i won’t look back
won’t you crawl through my window
on light’s able arms
nestle your hands in my palm

no i won’t look back

i’m just a poor girl
money have i none
i’ve got silver in the moonlight
and gold in the sun

may awakes and i feel the yawn
the sweet purr of earth
gently passing through birth

no i won’t look back

it is me and the tulips
the crocus and i
we’ll wait here until you pass by

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old man . ariel friedman

inspired and loosely based on a poem by e.e cummings

suppose life is an old man carrying flowers on his head
death sits in a café counting money eating bread
suppose life is an old man wearing trousers has a beard
to death he sells the flowers gold and orange they appear

suppose love is a young girl with a slender solemn face
writes her stories scribbles closely and finds nothing to erase
suppose love is a young girl pressing words into a book
while death waves from the shoreline where the bait fell off his hook

listen dear, the dagger and the spear
will bring the darkness just as sure the morning sun will appear

suppose grief is a lady spinning thread beside her loom
while joy is in the kitchen sweeping dust out with her broom
suppose grief is a lady warming soup upon the stove
brings the ladle to her lips and finds that laughter’s being sewn

by and by it’s this life we ask reply
but he’s cutting flowers devouring hours
watching as twilight steals the sky

suppose faith is an old man calls his children all the time
suppose doubt was just his neighbor waiting on the other line
suppose faith is an old man while his garden surely blooms
to death he hands old roses for the new ones making room

by and by it’s this life we ask reply
but he’s cutting flowers devouring hours
watching as twilight steals the sky
he’ll bring the darkness just as sure the morning sun will appear

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godspeed the plough. bennett konesni

let the wealthy and great roll in splendor and state
i envy them not i declare it
i eat my own lamb my own chicken and ham
i shear my own fleece and i wear it
i have lawns i have bowers i have fruits i have flowers
the lark is my early alarmer
so jolly boys now, here’s god speed the plough
long life and success to the farmer

i wake every morn to the dew on the corn
when the light hasn’t quite touched the sky-o
to the lowing of cows and the grunting of sows
and a mare with a glint in her eye-o
there are deals to made, there are debts to be paid
to feed madam credit, the charmer

i think everyday of my girl far away
of the riches she’ll find in her travels
of the sharp foreign smells and the barbaric yells
and the fine silty loam and the gravel
but they can’t be as just spending some time
in the field in the dusk in the summer

of all that i love under heaven above
these are the best of them all
the smell of the land and the touch of your hand
as it grips soft and warm close to mine
and your voice like a bell, well it casts quite a spell
an arrow to pierce through the armor

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all the wandering. mia friedman

better i find you alone after miles of unchartered land
and out of the silence i can hear what’s been right in my hand

you camped under vast skies of texas
you sung near the glaciers up north
you rode on the back of the desert her breath was a force

won’t you plat me a tune by the fire
of all you saw and learned
for what does it make you yearn
by and by, it’s you and i again

you climbed down the hills from braidwood
you walked o’er the great harbor bridge
to sit in a café and sip as life poured in

you were seen watching the daylight
spill out of a grey melbourne sky
the sunlight and stories seeped your skin
without asking why

now here we sit in our living room
as autumn sweeps over the world
i pick you up and hold you
and relax as my fingers curl

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reason . ariel friedman

i don’t miss that you refused to fight
and i don’t miss the mattress on your floor
in the loudest quiet of the night
i find that i don’t miss you anymore

it’s not that something shifted in our lives and
it’s not new love’s inevitable decay
even though you wouldn’t think it twice
our humanity burst through the shiny overlay

the path is so much greener on the other side of reason
where a boulder’s like a feather in your hand
i will lay me down my intellect build with heart and bone
so to find my way out of this house of stone
i will find my way out of this house of stone

it’s better that i cover your terrain
alongside you is the myth i’m not alone
though kissing you was silver lined with pain
your body never really felt like home.

i don’t miss holding you with need
or every hollow promise in refrain
remembering that i must plant my own seeds
and that the more you lose the more you gain

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darling please . mia friedman

you and i were married in the darkest night
the lake and the leaves were silent
and the road before us light

fall on your knees
fall darling please

the chairs were all full but no one spoke
your hand brushed my hand
and both our hearts broke

please learn who i am, my joy
meet me here when the night is dark
and the sun is rising new

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out of stone. ariel friedman

with a chorale by j.s. bach

take me take me for the one that you love.
take me as the sun from above takes the sky
we are poets, you and i

let be let be in the bed where we lie
let be though it’s easy to pry and to stir
and to seek with a sigh

says she says she with a tender reply
says she catch the words then we’ll cast them in dye
we are colors, you and i

in a hungry hollow dome
lovers carve things out of stone
like a firefly who’s not enough to see by
they’re the kind who’ll shake the town
rip the jewels off of their crowns
but by this time tomorrow they’ve said goodbye

says he says he with a hand to her breast
says he we are no more the best than the dust
no more lovers than lust

says she says she this is all we can lose
says she we had time love and now we must choose
let us circle the clues

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on your own . mia friedman

my mama said go find comfort in the hills
the quiet meadow where your mind will be still
follow the trail where the drinking water’s sweet
settle somewhere where the sun and mountain meet

when you arrive a welcoming sun will beckon you to the field
your love will be carried on angel wings
unwrap your hand from your shield
surrender to the sweetness of all that you hold
i’ll stand behind you and watch it unfold

you should leave me for now
ive taught you all that i know
now its time for you to listen on your own

if you find sorrow if you find tears
know my heart breaks for you
and if you dream sweetly and joy appears
i’ll laugh and bow my head too

for you are my angel but ill be your guide
my hand gently holding your hand by your side

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gkeeping my heart warm . ariel friedman

i’ll call you soon tell you sweetly
that i still swoon that you complete me
though i’m away from you i’ll tell you true

another man caught my attention
he held my hand it was my intention
to end it there and then but i couldn’t walk away
to you i’ll say

that you’re my baby and when i dream of you
and all the ways you do i’m yours
back-home baby, while it’s you i adore
he’s just keeping my heart warm

after the show a backstage meeting
it sure ain’t love but worth repeating are the kisses he gives
they rain right down on me but i can see

that you’re my baby and when i dream of you
and all the ways you do i’m yours
back-home baby, while you’re my sweetest thorn
he’s just keeping my heart warm

and when he’s gone i’ll be all yours, love
the crooked dawn is just as pure, love
with you and him both walking in my world
but i’m your girl

and you’re my baby and when i dream of you
and all the ways you do i’m yours
back-home baby, let me drink my fill
i will love you still
i’m yours

he’s just keeping my heart warm.

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ain't no ash will burn . walt aldridge

i have seen snow that fell in may
i have seen rain on cloudless days
some things are always bound to change
there ain't no ash will burn

love is a precious thing i'm told
it burns just like west virginia coal
but when the fire dies down it's cold
there ain't no ash will burn

you say this life is not your lot
well i can't be something that i'm not
we can't stoke a fire that we ain't got
there ain't no ash will burn

in every life there comes a time
where there are no more tears to cry
we must leave something dear behind
there ain't no ash will burn

there is one lesson i have learned
there ain't no ash will burn

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dying californian . sacred harp

lay up nearer brother nearer
for my limbs are growing cold
and thy presence seemeth nearer
when thine arms around me fold

i am dying brother dying
soon you’ll miss me in your berth
for my form will soon be lying
neath the ocean’s briny surf

i am going brother knowing
that my hope in god is strong
i am willing brother knowing
that he doeth nothing wrong

hark i hear my savior speaking
lord i know his voice so well
when i’m gone oh don’t be weeping
brother hear my last farewell

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