“Strikingly beautiful, distinctive and exhilarating, with lyrical wizardry and expressive vocals that will find a way into hearts and minds. Ari & Mia are not creating a new music; they are taking it to another level and exploring areas that have not been attempted in decades. Their all-acoustic, pure and honest approach has significance. Treading the edges of traditional folk in a more faithful manner, they share the lyrical wizardry of 70’s bands Steely-Eye Span, Tir-na-Nog, and the Incredible String Band, with searing harmony as good as The Beach Boys. The sisters sing in unison like two violins.

“The ladies use their varied instruments wisely, thoughtfully and cleverly. They are only two people after all, but at times they sound like a full band. Each instrument adds a melodic piece of the puzzle and as they proceed the picture of the puzzle becomes more and more clear. They add and subtract their varied instruments at moments when the instruments provide their sharpest imagery and appeal. This is European rural type music, filled with colorful flowers and meadows, rushing cool rivers, smoke from a thatched roof chimney and created with a vibrant old world flavor. The hocus pocus and abracadabra is all in their vocals. So distinctive and shined to a sparkle.”

— No Depression

“Ari & Mia blend a traditional rootsy grounding with a clear background of classical training. Their own works are soothing and fresh, tasteful and accomplished. This duo is taking the classical study of a conservatory program and bringing it alive in folk touring circles.”

SingOut! Magazine

"Ari & Mia are promising talents who have what it takes to make it. Their charming vocals, instrumental expertise, and interpretations shine."

Common Folk Music

"Deceptively simple and highly personal...the intimacy just blows your mind. They seamlessly genre blend some organic styles into one delightfully tasty stew that'll have you coming back for seconds --- and more."


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